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Dr. Kenneth M. Ermann

Director of Chiropractic Service at New Jersey Health Care Associates, Dr. Ermann has more than 20 years exerience as offical team chiropractor for both the New York Giants and New Jersey Nets. The name, Dr. Kenneth Ermann, is synonomous with "sports physician." Ermann is one of America's best-known sports injury doctors and has been treating professional athletes since the 1980's.


An award-winning Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Ermann is a health, sports fitness, and musculoskeletal expert with specialty certification as a sports chiropractic physician. He has obtained Diplomate status in the American Academy of Pain Management as well as the American Academy of Trauma Professionals. Upbeat, informed, and energetic, Dr. Ermann has years of lecturing experience and a charismatic personality that audiences love.


Dr. Ermann is passionate about health and is always taking post doctorate coursework to increase his base of knowledge. He has dedicated his life to helping people attain and maintain their optimal physical condition. He continues to keep up with the ever-changing world of medical literature as he uses his knowledge and skill to help professional athletes as well as the greater New Jersey/New York public.


For more information about Dr. Ermann and his special brand of Chiropractic Care please visit:

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